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Thomas O’Connor
President and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. O’Connor is President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fiduciary Counselors Inc. He has over 15 years of experience, with 12 at Fiduciary Counselors, addressing complex accounting, financial and legal issues. Mr. O’Connor is a member of the company’s Investment Committee, where he takes the lead on a number of company stock monitoring assignments, and the Litigation Committee, which is responsible for reviewing settlements under Prohibited Transaction Exemption 2003-39. He is also active in the firm’s annuity selection assignments. He has extensive knowledge and expertise in ERISA fiduciary matters. Click here for more.

Will Ardinger
Financial Analyst
Mr. Ardinger, who joined Fiduciary Counselors Inc. in 2015, has worked on company stock assignments, proxies and other projects. He has substantial experience with investments, as well as with potential legislation and regulations and their impact on businesses. Mr. Ardinger worked for two years as a capital markets reporter with CQ Roll Call, covering daily activity and broader trends in debt and equity capital markets. He wrote the CQ Roll Call Washington Capital Markets Briefing in which he investigated new developments and legal risks facing firms preparing to raise public and private capital. Click here for more.

J. Stephen Caflisch
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Mr. Caflisch is Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Fiduciary Counselors Inc. He has more than twenty-five years of experience in employee benefits. Mr. Caflisch advises Fiduciary Counselors on all aspects of its work. He is a member of the company’s Investment Committee, Litigation Committee and Plan Administration Committee, and has taken a leading role in engagements involving annuity purchases, stable value funds, and review of settlements for compliance with Department of Labor Prohibited Transaction Exemption 2003-39. Click here for more.

Scott Gould
Senior Vice President
Mr. Gould has over twenty years of experience working at Fortune 500 corporations in corporate finance, institutional retirement, and investment management. He has specific expertise in private equity, pension risk transfer, and merger & acquisition transactions. Mr. Gould joined Fiduciary Counselors as a Senior Vice President in 2018. Prior to joining Fiduciary Counselors, Mr. Gould spent 18 years at MetLife. As part of the institutional retirement area, he was Vice President of Structuring, Strategy and Distribution for the U.S. Pensions business. Click here for more.

Anne Kilcoyne
Financial Analyst
Ms. Kilcoyne joined Fiduciary Counselors Inc. in 2019 and serves as a Financial Analyst assisting with company stock assignments and special projects. She has over 20 years of experience in institutional investments and finance. She has been active in the institutional arena as an investment manager, banker and independent consultant. She also worked for Fidelity Investments as a Financial Advisor to high net worth individuals by guiding them to select appropriate investments. Click here for more.

Kate O’Bryant
Assistant Controller
Ms. O’Bryant has been with Fiduciary Counselors since September 2006. In addition to her financial responsibilities, she also assists in the administration of pension plans for which FCI serves as Plan Administrator. Ms. O’Bryant has twenty years of experience as a self-employed financial and human resources manager of small businesses in the Washington, DC area. She has worked with both start-up businesses and well-established firms to increase their financial stability, structure their internal management policies, improve their records management, and ensure their adherence to federal and state employee benefits laws. Click here for more.

Kathryn Ricard
Senior Vice President
Ms. Ricard has over twenty-five years of experience working with employee benefit plans as a lawyer, CPA and public policy expert. Ms. Ricard joined Fiduciary Counselors as Senior Vice President in 2016. She is also a member of the company’s Litigation Committee and Plan Administration Committee. Prior to joining Fiduciary Counselors, Ms. Ricard was Senior Vice President, Retirement Policy at The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) and had overall responsibility for developing retirement policy on behalf of ERIC’s members – America’s major employers. Click here for more.

Wendy Williamson
Director of Administration
Ms. Williamson serves as Director of Administration for Fiduciary Counselors Inc. Prior to joining Fiduciary Counselors in 2005, she worked in both the Government and Private Sector. Ms. Williamson started her career while in college at the International Trade Administration in the US Commerce Department; and after graduation at the Economic and Business Affairs Bureau at the US State Department. Click here for more.


Ivan Strasfeld
Senior Advisor
Currently, Mr. Strasfeld serves as an ERISA Regulatory Consultant and a Senior Advisor to Fiduciary Counselors Inc. He was the Former Director, Office of Exemption Determinations, Employee Benefits Security Administration. Click here for more.

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