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bullet October 21, 2013: Laura Rosenberg will present "Section 04 – Dealing with Underfunded Plans: PBGC Issues" at the 2013 Conference of Consulting Actuaries in San Antonio, Texas. She will discuss negotiating Early Warning Program cases, dealing with PBGC downsizing liabilities and 4062(e) , missed contributions and liens, distress and involuntary terminations, pension bankruptcy claims, and “trade or business” controlled group issues.
bullet August 15, 2013: Fiduciary Counslors submits comments to the Department of Labor re: Class Exemptions to Remove Credit Ratings. Click here for comments and here for referenced S&P article
bullet July 26, 2013: Appointment: At the request of the Department of Labor, the U.S. District Court Eastern District of Kentucky appointed Fiduciary Counselors as independent fiduciary and plan administrator for the Hillsdale Hourly Pension Plan, the Hillsdale Salaried Pension Plan, the Revstone Casting Fairfield, GMP Local 359 Pension Plan, and the Fourslides, Inc. Pension Plan. Click here for the DOL Press Release.
bullet June 18, 2013: Quoted in the Media: DOL Audits Might Catch Money Managers by Surprise.
bullet "The Role of the Independent Fiduciary in Litigation Settlements" by Stephen Caflisch.
bullet "An INHAM Audit Will Keep You Out Of Sticky Compliance Issues" by Laura Rosenberg and Ivan Strasfeld.
bullet "A QPAM Audit Will Keep You Out Of Sticky Compliance Issues" by Laura Rosenberg and Ivan Strasfeld.
bullet Fiduciary Counselors served as the Independent Fiduciary representing the Verizon Management Pension Plan and its participants in the selection of Prudential Insurance Company of America as the provider of a group annuity contract which settled approximately $7.5 billion of outstanding pension obligations.

FIDUCIARY COUNSELORS INC. is an investment adviser registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. The firm primarily acts as an independent fiduciary for employee benefit plans. With our extensidve knowledge of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) and the associated fiduciary responsibilities established by the Department of Labor along with our expertise and experience in financial and investment matters, Fiduciary Counselors is well qualified to provide employers and those charged with the administration of benefit plans with solutions for a broad range of fiduciary and investment issues.

Ongoing and completed engagements have involved employer securities in 401(k) plans, ESOPs, VEBAs and defined benefit plans. The scope of services offered by Fiduciary Counselors includes acting as an independent fiduciary or adviser with respect to:

Employer Securities
Litigation Settlements
Prohibited Transaction Exemptions (PTE)
Purchase of Annuities
Plan Administration
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) Issues
Real Estate Transactions
Private Investment Portfolio Review and Analysis

Transfer of Assets Between Plans

Investment Manager Selection and Monitoring
Proxy Voting
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Last Update: January 2014

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