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Fiduciary Counselors primarily acts as an independent fiduciary for employee benefit plans. With our extensive knowledge of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and the associated fiduciary responsibilities established by the Department of Labor (DoL) along with our expertise and experience in financial and investment matters, Fiduciary Counselors is well qualified to provide employers and those charged with the administration of benefit plans with solutions for a broad range of fiduciary and investment issues. For more information about Fiduciary Counselors, please click here.

Fiduciary Counselors has acted or is currently acting as independent fiduciary for more than 60 class action litigation settlements related to violations of U.S. Securities law or ERISA. We have filed claims on behalf of the plans in almost all the securities settlements we have reviewed. For information about our Litigation Settlement services, please click here.

We are currently independent fiduciary with respect to approximately $17 billion in company stock in defined contribution plans. Engagements for which Fiduciary Counselors acts as independent fiduciary with respect to employer securities in defined contribution plans include plans of Altria, BNY Mellon, Granite Construction, and DTE Energy. Please click here to access our Company Stock Brochure.